09/25/2012 08:29 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

Richard Ramirez: Serial Killer Captured By The People Of Los Angeles On 'Blood, Lies & Alibis' (VIDEO)

Dubbed "The Night Stalker," authorities may never know how many murders and crimes Richard Ramirez committed in the mid-1980s. He terrorized Los Angeles, ultimately getting convicted of 13 different murders. On "Blood, Lies & Alibis," investigators remembered both his crimes, and the powerful moment of his capture.

While it was police work that led to his eventual arrest, it was the people of Los Angeles who took care of apprehending Ramirez. After several sexual assaults and murders, authorities had no evidence with which to determine who The Night Stalker was. But then, he left a fingerprint.

Already having a record, the print quickly led to the mugshot for Richard Ramirez. Authorities circulated that to the media, and enough people saw it to respond quickly when needed.

Someone recognized Ramirez trying to steal a car in LA, and an angry mob quickly gave chase. According to the El Paso Times at the time, citizens helped police track and chase Ramirez for an hour, before catching up with him and beating him. Ramirez is now on death row.

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