09/25/2012 05:42 pm ET

Steven Spielberg Is Dyslexic: Director Discusses Managing Learning Disability

Steven Spielberg keeps his personal life under wraps, but the director recently opened up about his battle with dyslexia.

Spielberg, who was diagnosed with the learning disability just five years ago, told Quinn Bradlee from the website Friends of Quinn (via LAT) that filmmaking helped him deal with the ailment.

"I never felt like a victim," Spielberg said. "Movies really helped me ... kind of saved me from shame, from guilt. Making movies was my great escape."

Spielberg has often used his films to escape from troubles. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" was filmed right after the director split up with his long-time girlfriend, Kathleen Carey. In a recent post on the ESPN site Grantland, the darkness of "Temple of Doom" -- which literally includes a scene where a man gets his heart ripped out -- was attributed to Spielberg's relationship woes. (Happy ending: Spielberg would meet Kate Capshaw during "Temple of Doom" and later marry her; they're still married to this day.)

According to figures released 10 years ago, dyslexia affects anywhere from five to 17 percent of Americans.

For more on Spielberg, head over to Friends of Quinn.

[Friends of Quinn via LAT]


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