09/25/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

T.J. Miller Plays A Giant Man-Eating Monster, Talk Show Host In New Comedy Webseries 'Gorburger' (VIDEO)

When we last spoke to Denver-native T.J. Miller he was rapping about his love of the Mile High City in his music video "Denver" featuring several members of the booming Denver comedy scene.

Now, Miller has teamed up with The Warner Sound and Funny or Die for a hilariously bizarre webseries called "The Gorburger Show" which premiered on the Internet on Monday. Gorburger, played by Miller, is a blue monster that occasionally eats humans and apparently has taken over a Japanese morning news show called "Zoom-Zoom Morning Show" so he can host his own talk show interviewing musicians, naturally.

The Warner Sound describes the show as:

Gorburger is invading your internet waves every Monday in October satisfying his blood lust, interviewing bands and not having sex with them because his genitalia is incompatible.

Episode 1 (above) features Gorburger interviewing Canadian singer-songwriters Teagan and Sara. Gorburger gets angry at his sidekick Hiroku who doesn't laugh at his jokes and then plays something called the "Laser Round" with Tegan and Sara where he asks them three questions including easy ones like, "Who is the greatest dancer alive?" As well as the more hard-hitting questions one would expect from a blue monster with bloodlust: "If you were running for the president of Canada, how would you justify using tax revenue for clean energy initiatives when you'd have cut education budgets nation wide? Please detail two or three major platforms with both social and economic relevance."

Thanks for asking the tough questions, Gorburger.

WATCH the premiere episode above featuring Tegan and Sara as well as Episode 2 below featuring Mariachi El Bronx (WARNING: the show features strong language and some cartoonish gore, but viewer discretion is advised.):