09/25/2012 04:55 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

Two-Headed Snake In South Carolina Getting A Second Look By Skeptics

A brother and sister in Ware Shoals, S.C., say they've found a two-headed snake, but at least one expert on two-headed animals is wondering if the siblings are really seeing double.

Savanna Logan, 9, and her 8-year-old brother, Preston, took in the weird-looking reptile as a pet three weeks ago, after workmen found it around their home, WHNS-TV reported.

Most two-headed snakes have heads that are side-by-side, but this snake's heads are at opposite ends, which is very unusual, according to Todd Ray. Ray holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of two-headed animals, and he displays many of them at the Venice Beach Freakshow in California.

"It's not impossible," he told The Huffington Post. "There have been conjoined twins who were born connected to the waist and had no way to go to the bathroom, but I've never seen a snake like this."

Tina Stewart, Savanna and Preston's mother, claims the snake seems to have two minds.

“One head’s bigger and one’s more dominant than the other, but they both seem to control the body, the main head will do one thing then the other part is trying to go the opposite direction,” she said, according to WJW-TV.

However, video footage of the snake is murky, and none of the shots show both ends with their mouths open at the same time, which makes Ray skeptical.

"I haven't seen a clear photo, but a lot of reptiles have a tail that looks like a head," he said.

An article by WHNS states that members of the Ware Shoals High School biology department took a look at the the allegedly double-domed snake and classified it as a two-headed rough earth snake.

However, George Sellers, a biology teacher who was present when the children's grandfather brought the snake in for examination, told HuffPost he never got a good look at the snake and can't say conclusively whether it really had two heads.

"I asked him to bring it back for a closer look, but he hasn't," Sellers told HuffPost.

Thomas Stewart, Savanna and Preston's stepfather, said that both ends have mouths.

"I've seen both tongues open when it crawls around on my hand," he told HuffPost.

He is hoping to find a buyer, but he may get a fight from the kids, who are still trying to figure out whether to name him Billy Bob or Oreo.

UPDATE: An editing error caused Thomas Stewart's comments to not be published.



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