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Busy Philipps On 'Don't Trust The B--- In Apartment 23,' 'Cougar Town,' 'Dawson's Creek' And More

From her portrayal of "bad girl" Kim on "Freaks & Geeks" in 1999 to her current role as the fun-loving Laurie on TBS' "Cougar Town," Busy Philipps has always been all over the TV map.

In honor of partnership with the website One Kings Lane, Philipps spoke with HuffPost TV via phone to discuss "Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23," "Cougar Town," "Dawson's Creek," "Freaks & Geeks" and more.

You're making a guest appearance on "Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23." What was it like working with James Van Der Beek again?
It was fantastic. When he called and asked, there was never a question in my mind. Of course I would do it! He plays a very strange, alter-ego version of himself, I talked to the writers and they told me that was what they were going to do with my character too. So I thought that would be something that would be fun to do, and to be back on set with him. It's been almost 10 years since "Dawson's Creek," and it's always great to work with your friends. It was really easy and fun, and we had a great morning over there. It was hot! It was the middle of the LA heat wave ... we were both sweating, which brought me right back to North Carolina where we filmed "Dawson's Creek." I hope it's funny! I guess I'll see it when you do.

People are constantly talking about this "Dawson's Creek" reunion idea. Would you be up for it?
Look, I wasn't even in the finale, so don't talk to me about a reunion! I have no say, I have no thoughts about it. Last we heard, my character was on tour with John Mayer singing backup. I don't really think reunions work. There's no real way to do it without it being super hokey. I wouldn't personally watch it, and I don't know why anyone would. "Friends" is one of my favorite shows of all time -- which is why it's great that I get to work with the amazing Courteney Cox every day -- but I wouldn't even want to watch a "Friends" reunion. It would ruin it for me.

I've heard little rumors that Joshua Jackson might make an appearance on "Don't Trust The B." Do you know anything about that?
Nope. To be honest with you, the last time I had dinner with Josh we had other things to discuss. I haven't talked to him about it.

What do you think about "Cougar Town" moving to TBS?
I think it's a great move. It's where we are. It's fantastic. TBS has been so supportive, excited and enthusiastic about not only our new season, but all of the episodes we've previously shot. They're really trying to give it a home and life. They're putting a lot of time, energy and money into the promos that we've shot in anticipation of our January 8th air date. I'm really excited to be with a network that wants to promote it. It's the best cast scenario on a TV show.

What initially drew you to Laurie?
To be honest with you, I had just had my kid and I was very specific with my agents going into that pilot season. I wanted a half-hour, single camera comedy where I got to have lots of funny lines and didn't have to cry, because your brain can't handle that when you're a new mom. I just wanted to work with good people, and people I respected like Bill Lawrence and Courteney Cox. As soon as I got the script I said to my husband, "I'm doing this show, I'm going to get this show." He told me to take it easy and not get my hopes up -- which is his job in our relationship -- but I got it a couple weeks later. I just felt from the beginning that ["Cougar Town"] was the show I was going to do.

And you've gotten so much recognition!
Yeah, it's been the best thing ever for my career.

Were you surprised by that?
For sure. Definitely surprised, but also with acting, those kinds of things -- accolades, awards and critical acclaim -- it's not even secondary, it's the last thing you think about when you do these things, you know? You want to do the best you can do, you want to make the character real, or grounded, or funny or whatever it is that you're going for. At least that's my experience in this particular role, and I know it's been my friends' experience with other things. You find it incredibly flattering and overwhelming, but nothing you had ever planned for, like, "You know, I'm gonna win a Critics' Choice Award with this line!"

I know there's been a campaign to get Michelle Williams on "Cougar Town." How's that going?
Well, the campaign is literally me and Michelle telling Bill Lawrence to put her on f------ "Cougar Town!" He won't do it. No, I'm teasing a little bit. But they're trying figure it out. Michelle wants to do it and I would love for her to do it, but I don't think there's a campaign to get her on "Cougar Town," I just want to say that. You should do it. Get the Facebook page going.

Sure, I'll just start the whole campaign.

Do you still keep in touch with your former "Freaks & Geeks" co-stars?
Of course, are you kidding me?

I feel like that was such an iconic show. People are still watching it.
People still watch it, people still talk about it ... I'm excited now as a mom to be able to sit down with my kid and watch it with her in 10 years. I haven't actually seen it in its entirety.

Really? You should get on that.
At this point I feel like I'm going to just wait until I watch it with Birdie and we can watch it as a family. So many people -- friends, acquaintances, fans -- love it so much, and I'm looking forward to having that experience. We did a photo shoot a little bit ago with everybody, and I got very nostalgic. It was really great to be back. Anytime we're all together it's pretty tear-inducing for me. We were kids, and for all of us. it was either our first or second job.

And you're all so big now! It's crazy.
Personally, I feel that what Judd [Apatow], Paul [Feig] and Jake [Kasdan] were able to do on that show, even though we were all relatively young and mostly inexperienced, was validate our ideas and talent by always giving us room to collaborate with them even at age 17, 18, 19. It's invaluable to get that kind of confidence just in the beginning of your career -- that you know what you're doing. It's something that's lacking in television shows a lot. I'm old lady glamour and I've been on 40,000 television shows since "Freak & Greeks," but it's also what Bill Lawrence does on "Cougar Town." He trusts the actors and has them collaborate with the writers, producers and directors. It's not a fluke that everyone that came out of that show has been successful. We had people at the helm of the show who trusted us so completely and encouraged us. Our careers have flourished, I believe, because of that.

Tell me about One Kings Lane!
Courteney Cox and I collaborated to do this sale online, and most of the proceeds benefit Art of Elysium, which is a charity based here in Los Angeles. It works with kids in hospitals who are sick with terminal illnesses or have to have extended stays in hospitals. We do these really incredible programs with them. Courteney, David, myself ... we've all been involved in it, and if you love online shopping this is a great way to do it. The proceeds go to benefit charity. In addition to that, Courteney and I have put things up for sale from our own houses. We've donated our own items, as well as items curated from vintage and antique pieces. I donated a couch, some beautiful Lucite lamps I was sad to see go, a coffee table and some framed prints. Courteney donated a big bed. I don't know if she ever slept in it, but you take your chances.

That's really cool.
It's awesome. And I love the charity so much that I don't mind donating my things, and hopefully the program can expand and reach out to more hospitals and kids. Because the difference it makes in these kids' and families and lives is incredible. Any mom -- well, you don't have to be a mother -- but when you are a mom and you see a kid and a family dealing with cancer at age five, your heart breaks. Anything to make one day brighter is a win as far as I'm concerned. I apologize in advance, because everyone's going to be come addicted to One Kings Lane, and they're going to be on there every day hunting for bargains.

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