09/26/2012 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Green Bay Eye Doctors Offer Free Care To Replacement Referees From Monday Night NFL Debacle (VIDEO)

Some Wisconsin companies are bringing new meaning to the old referee taunt, "Get your eyes checked!"

Following Monday night's extremely controversial call that decided the winner of the Packers-Seahawks game, several eye doctors in the Green Bay area are offering special packages to the referees who worked the game.

To many watching at home, it appeared that a Green Bay defender actually intercepted the Hail Mary pass thrown into the end zone as time expired. Referees on the scene gave conflicting calls, but ultimately the Seahawks were awarded the touchdown, and the game, much to the frustration of Packers fans everywhere.

Christopher Smith, a doctor at Optivision Eye Care in the Green Bay area, is now offering his services to "help" the referees who made the call.

“The referees obviously they had some vision issues, so we decided that they we could help them with that,” Smith told WTVR, adding that he and his staff will also be available to discuss the rules of the NFL.

Another doctor with the center, Gerald Clarke, told WKOW that the referee who made the contentious call, a replacement brought in to sub for the locked out veteran officials, is clearly exhibiting signs of near-sightedness.

"He could finally see beyond his arm, which is what he needs to see, something beyond his own three feet in front of him, because he's pretty much nearsighted from that standpoint," Clarke told the station.

Optivision said it has yet to offer its services officially to the league, however.

Advertising agency Burnham Richards told WBAY that Wisconsin Vision, a Milwaukee eye care provider, will be putting up billboards in Milwaukee and Green Bay offering free eye exams to any officials who worked the Monday night football game.




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