09/26/2012 01:02 pm ET

How To Meet Someone In 2012

Mommy and Daddy met at college. Well, we met while in college. Well, when Daddy was in college and Mommy ran an Etsy store. Mommy and Daddy both liked Party Down on Facebook and Daddy, the Adam Scott fan he was, posted quite a bit on the page. One day while Mommy was standing in line to pay for her frozen yogurt, she was looking at the Party Down page on her iPhone and randomly saw one of Daddy’s comments. She went to his profile and saw a link to his cult-TV show Tumblr and started following him. A few weeks later, Daddy started following Mommy on Tumblr, even though Mommy’s Tumblr was mostly pictures of avocado-based dishes and latte art.

Anyway, Mommy started reblogging some of Daddy’s Tumblr posts, mostly GIFs of Jane Lynch screaming. After three weeks of that, Daddy started following Mommy on Twitter. Mommy reciprocated and they began mentioning each other whenever Adam or Jane had a particularly good line on Parks And Recreation or Glee, respectively. They say common interests are the backbone of any relationship.

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