09/26/2012 05:17 pm ET Updated Sep 26, 2012

Jimmy Hoffa Remains: Police Will Dig For Clues Under Roseville, Michigan Driveway

After years of rumors, the search for Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters boss who disappeared in 1975, is going underground.

Police in Roseville, Mich., got a tip that prompted them to do a radar scan of the ground under a driveway at a home in the suburb of Detroit, according to the Detroit Free Press. After finding an "anomaly," they will be bringing forensic anthropologists to the scene this Friday to search for remains.

Hoffa was declared dead in 1982, and his disappearance has prompted plenty of conspiracy theories and rumors. Last year, the rumor was Hoffa had a much more prominent final resting place, beneath the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

WDIV reports the most recent tip came from a man dying of cancer who allegedly saw a black bag being moved at the house just after Hoffa's death.



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