09/26/2012 01:43 pm ET

Soundgarden 'Been Away Too Long' Released Online

For Soundgarden fans, the band has been away for too long. 16 years have passed since Soundgarden's last studio album, Down on the Upside. With the release of King Animal set for November, however, the wait is over. On Wednesday, Soundgarden dropped its first single from the album, fittingly titled "Been Away Too Long."

"You can't go home, no, I swear you never can," lead singer Chris Cornell howls over some crunchy guitars at the beginning of the track. "You can walk a million miles and get nowhere." As you might expect, the chorus is "I've been away for too long."

This is Soundgarden's second single of 2012. The band contributed a song to the soundtrack for "Marvel's The Avengers." Called "Live to Rise," the single was more anthemic than "Been Away Too Long."

"It's such a different environment," Cornell told THR about having a song on the "Avengers" soundtrack. "In this day and age you don't have the monolithic record company with seemingly limitless resources and multimillion-dollar profits. They don't exist. Which is why a partnership like this exists. The movie company does have that, and they will promote it. It's the only way to get your music in front of people."

Click here to listen to "Been Away Too Long." (HuffPost will provide an embed here once it becomes available.) The song is available for download starting on Thursday, Sept. 27. King Animal is out on Nov. 13.

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