09/26/2012 11:25 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2012

Walter Richardson, Detroit Man, Has Prosthetic Leg Stolen (VIDEO)

A Detroit man was left stranded after a doctor's appointment when a young man who was supposed to be helping him stole his car, with his prosthetic leg in the trunk.

Fox 2 reports Walter Richardson, who lost his leg due to diabetes complications, was on his way to the VA Medical Center in Detroit Friday when a neighborhood teen he knew offered to drive him to the appointment and then carried his bag with the car keys inside. When Richardson finished his appointment, his black Ford Taurus was not in the parking lot.

A police spokeswoman told The Huffington Post Wednesday the case is still under investigation.

"This guy played me," Richardson told Fox 2. "I need that leg so bad."

While Richardson struggles to get around and police search for his missing car and prosthetic leg, an extra limb turned up locally. Deadline Detroit writer Bill McGraw happened upon a prop leg on the side of the road during his morning commute Wednesday.



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