09/27/2012 06:12 pm ET

Anderson Cooper Apologizes To Teresa Giudice, She Tells Him Fame Has Ruined Her Family (VIDEO)

A day after Anderson Cooper called out Teresa Giudice for bullying Caroline Manzo about her weight at "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion, he invited the reality star back on "Anderson" to apologize. While Cooper stood by his criticism of her behavior and the show's constant stream of negative drama, he told Giudice he felt he had been rude in how he confronted her Wednesday, and wanted to make amends.

"After I did that interview, someone in the audience, a guy named Bobby who was a teacher, said I had been rude. And it made me really sad that I would have been rude, because I didn't really want to be rude," Cooper confessed.

Instead of criticize Giudice as he did on Wednesday's show, when he compared her maturity level to a 12-year-old's, Cooper asked the controversial "Housewives" star whether her reality fame had turned her into a more confrontational person.

Giudice got emotional at the question and admitted that the reality TV spotlight has come with significant consequences. "I haven't spoken to my brother in over a year. And I hear that fame ruins a family, and it has ruined my family," she answered.

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