09/27/2012 01:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Cyclone Nice' & 'Hawkeye Nice' Videos: Iowa Nice Guy Scott Siepker Promotes State Universities In Hilarious Web Video

Two new videos from a team of independent filmmakers in Iowa asks, "How many World Wars has your school won?"

The videos promote Iowa State University and the University of Iowa and were produced by the same team that made the viral video "Iowa Nice" at the very beginning of the year. "Iowa Nice" came out just before the Iowa presidential caucuses, correcting stereotypes about the Hawkeye state. This time, they adapt their approach for ISU's "Cyclone Nice," and U of I's "Hawkeye Nice."

It's all very nice.

Scott Siepker asks viewers to pay homage to Iowa State alum and "peanut pioneer" George Washington Carver saying, "Without him, jelly never would've reached its full potential."

He talks some smack to other Big 12 members. We won't give that away.

The universities "played no part in its production or conception" according to producers.

Check out the "Cyclone Nice" video above, "Hawkeye Nice" is below.