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Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Surprises Woman At Multnomah Falls (VIDEO)

Houston resident Darin Harvey proposed to girlfriend Genessa Gerber on September 1 at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Michele Velazquez, HuffPost blogger and co-owner of the Heart Bandits, a proposal planning firm, helped Harvey pop the question with not just one, but TWO extravagant events. Watch the video above to see the romantic day. Below, Velazquez explains the proposal planning process.

This couple is honestly the sweetest couple ever. Let me tell you, it was obvious from the get-go that Darin adored Genessa and he was willing to spare no expense to create the perfect proposal for her. So he came to us first in need of a great proposal idea that was as special as Genessa was to him. He knew that we needed to include Birds of Paradise because that was her favorite flower and he knew he wanted it to be over the top. We presented him many customized proposal ideas and he couldn't decide between two so he picked them both!

The proposal took place at the gorgeous Multnomah Falls. Darin and Genessa were on the footbridge enjoying the view when Darin asked a "tourist" to take a picture of him and Genessa. Little did Genessa know, but the tourist was the lead singer of an a capella group we hired. The group began to sing "Marry Me" by Train as our photographer and videographer captured the whole thing. Darin decided he wanted to make the song even more personal so he had the group change the lyrics to say "If I ever get the nerve to say hello in Tommy Bahamas" because that is where they met. One by one the singers got down on one knee and after they were all down, Darin got on one knee and proposed too... with the biggest engagement ring I have seen! But that was hardly the end.

At 6 p.m., Darin told Genessa they were going to go out to dinner. Instead of dinner, they went up to the rooftop at the Hotel DeLuxe in Portland and to her surprise he had rented the entire thing out for just the two of them. As soon as she stepped off the elevator she saw a big funk band that was there to perform just for them. They played "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green as soon as they walked in. She was greeted with an aisle full of birds of paradise flowers and candles which lead them to a canopy with a table for two. They sat down next to a crystal candelabra and they looked at a photo book that we made for them as they sipped on Dom Perignon. The couple enjoyed a fine meal and danced the night away. This was one of our favorite proposals ever because they are such nice people.

Click through the slides below to see photos of both over-the-top events.

Darin & Genessa's Proposal

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