09/28/2012 10:11 am ET

Fukyu Sushi In Montreal Forced To Change Name (VIDEO)

A sushi bar in Montreal has been forced to change its name after a Quebec Superiour Court judge decided it was in bad taste.

The restaurant, “Fukyu Bar à Sushi,” opened in August and, according to its owners, was named after a type of martial art practiced in Japan, the Montreal Gazette reported.

However, the three owners were fully aware of the double entendre behind the name, based on comments placed on the Fukyu Sushi Facebook page.

"The name we chose signified 'Good Fortune' in Japanese! It also a a Karate stance in the gata form...! Also, it is obviously a play on words! We won't deny that! LOL We didn't mean to offend or insult anybody, in fact, we found it hilarious and thought it was reflective of our open-mindedness and creativity, just as is in the food that we offer."

The owners also claimed on Facebook that the maki rolls were originally supposed to be called the Fukyutoo Roll, The Fukme Roll, The FukyuAll Roll and The Fukyomomma Roll.

"Well... thank Buddha we decided not to go with those names huh??" the post concluded.

The request that the judge require the Fukyu Sushi Bar owners to change the business name came from David Gavitian, the lawyer for the building's owner.

He said the name made many people in the neighborhood uncomfortable and some tenants in the building were threatening to leave because of it, the Bangkok Post reported.

The restaurant has since changed its named to Kabuki Bar and Sushi, which co-owner John De Mello told the Montreal Gazette was appropriate "since it was quite a drama."

In some cases, a name change can be detrimental to a business' branding, but De Mello told the Toronto Sun that it might be good for business, considering how much free publicity Kabuki has received from the court battle.




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