09/27/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Sep 27, 2012

Kanye West Sex Tape: What Is It Worth?

Kanye West, also known as Mr. Kim Kardashian, now allegedly has two sex tapes being shopped around -- prompting the question of how much money a distributor would pay to purchase the X-rated tapes of the rapper.

“Obviously, Kanye is a big ticket item. But since he's already shown us the goods, the price tag drops considerably. I'd say 200,000 dollars,” Daniel Nardicio, former VP of marketing for Playgirl magazine, tells me. “The price is equal to how much people want to see the celebrity naked. Not how big the celebrity is. I once was sent naked pictures of Garrison Keillor -- the guy from "Prairie Home Companion!" Now I love me some NPR, but I wouldn’t pay a red cent for that. The most money goes to the hottest celeb at the moment -- right now top of my list would be Channing Tatum, Justin Theroux and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who's adorable. Kanye comes across as a loose cannon with a drinking problem -- not hot.”

RumorFix asked the same question to Sex.com, whose reps believed the tapes were worth much more, maybe reaching $5 million. But Nardicio disagrees, saying they wouldn’t be worth that much even if Kim Kardashian were in them with him.

“If Kim was in it, how much would it sell for? I think she's atrocious, but it'd go for at least $500,000; that woman could sell anything,” says Daniel, who wanted to make the point that the size of the male celebrity's privates has little effect on value.

“History has shown that the bigger the package, the less they are willing to get paid. Big guys love showing it off,” he says.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West