09/27/2012 06:30 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

LEGO Sculpture Akiyuky's 'Great Ball Contraption' Inspired: 11 Amazing LEGO Designs (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A creative and well built LEGO structure is a beautiful thing. We've been design geeks since childhood and were all pretty much obsessed with playing with LEGOs as kids. So when we saw this 100 foot long mechanical apparatus made completely out of the little plastic blocks by "Akiyuky" that Co.Design called "the most epic LEGO contraption of all time" we were pretty impressed. The Daily News reported that even Michael McNally, a spokesperson for LEGO called this great ball contraption “phenomenal.”

It inspired us to dig a little deeper for other amazing LEGO sculptures and what we've found are definitely works of art. Click through our slideshow to see a beautiful butterfly, a life-size slot machine and 9 other really cool creations made from LEGOs.

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Extreme LEGO Creations