Florida Man's Case Against Debt Collection Company Dismissed: Update

UPDATE: Oliff's case was dismissed.

A Florida man is trying to break his employment contract in court by claiming that his boss tormented him and, among other things, forced him to house prostitutes.

Mark Oliff describes his tenure at the Boca Raton debt collection company Johnson, Morgan & White as a “ten year diversion to the Twilight Zone” that included “rampant drug use” by co-workers, senseless office pranks and the company’s owner, Robert Cooper, allegedly having sex with prostitutes in Oliff's home, Courthouse News reports.

On at least five occasions, Cooper, who is married, allegedly forced Oliff to let him use Oliff's home with a prostitute, and at least once, Cooper left a prostitute there overnight, according to the complaint filed in Palm Beach County Court.

Oliff, whose LinkedIn profile says he’s still a national sales director at the firm, claims the boss threatened to fire him if he refused or if he told Cooper’s wife.

Cooper’s abuse didn’t stop there. Oliff claims his boss harassed Oliff's sick mother, Ina, and called her by the nickname “Ina the Vagina” and “other similar anatomy specific names,” the complaint says. He even went after Oliff’s girlfriend, pretending to be Oliff in text messages and inviting her to a sushi dinner.

To top it all off, the company withheld up to 50 percent of Oliff’s commissions, he claims in the complaint.

Because of the “hostile, oppressive and intolerable work environment,” Oliff says he should be released from his employment agreement with the company and is seeking damages for breach of contract.

CORRECTION: The headline on a previous version of this story claimed that Oliff had recanted. That is incorrect.



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