09/27/2012 04:02 am ET Updated Sep 27, 2012

'Modern Family' Premiere: Gloria's Afraid To Tell Jay That She's Pregnant (VIDEO)

While may shows take an immediate jump ahead with their season premieres, skipping the summer altogether, "Modern Family" spent the bulk of its premiere in the immediate aftermath of Gloria's discovery that she's pregnant. It happened around Jay's 65th birthday, and Gloria found herself nervous to tell him.

Perhaps the best thing that could have happened for her was the near-disastrous kidnapping of Jay by Phil and his buddies for a day of fishing and falling in the water. While there, his friends talked about retirement and how much fun they're having doing nothing.

When he got back home, Gloria dropped the bomb, but Jay didn't react the way she feared. He was horrified at the prospect of 65 meaning it was the beginning of the end for him, so he was more than excited at the prospect of being a father again.

After all of that was taken care of, it was time for that jump ahead in time to a visibly pregnant Gloria -- though not fat, as Claire was hoping.

The pregnancy continues, along with "Modern Family," Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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