09/27/2012 04:10 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Tina Fey, Meryl Streep Movie 'Mommy & Me' No Longer Happening

Back in July of 2010, with Tina Fey fresh off the box office success of "Date Night," the Los Angeles Times reported that the "30 Rock" star and none other than Meryl Streep were teaming up for a new movie. With Streep's frequent co-star Stanley Tucci. Who was also going to direct. It sounded too good to be true! As it turns out, it was.

"It was this thing at Sony called 'Mommy & Me' and the script went through a lot of permutations and almost got made, and then didn't," Fey told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. The film was about a single mother (Fey) who was forced to move back in with her mother (Streep). "The script didn't really come together," Fey said, crushing your dreams.

While Fey and Streep aren't making a film together (yet), the actress did shoot something with Paul Rudd over the summer. Called "Admission," the comedy-drama is about a Princeton University admissions officer who has an affair with one of her former schoolmates (Rudd). So, not a bad consolation prize.

For more on "Mommy & Me," head over to EW.com.

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