09/27/2012 12:25 pm ET

Vy Higginsen, Gospel Mama Foundation For The Arts Director, Celebrates Gospel Music With Teens

Vy Higginsen, Executive director and founder of the Mama Foundation for the Arts, preserves and promotes the history and culture of gospel music. "What Is Gospel?", Higginsen wonders, "to me it is a story of a people in song." The goal of the program that she started is to 'present, preserve and promote the history and culture of our people and our ancestors.'

Through her program Gospel for Teens, Higginsen, a famed radio personality, introduces youth ages 13 to 19 to the power and emotion that gospel music evokes. And it is clear how much the young people are responding: "If I did not find the program" said one participant, "literally, I'd be more on the streets."

Higginsen explains: "What happens to a teen when they come through the door is that they get bitten by the power and the sound of Gospel Music." In the six years they have been open they have accepted about 100 new students a year whose lives have been changed.

To find out more visit the website of the Mama Foundation for the Arts.