Driverless Cars, Licenseless Drivers (CARTOON)

driverless cars licenseless drivers

Great news everybody! The dawning of a new day is upon us. Americans everywhere will prosper, our greatest minds will have more time to think about 'the big picture', there will be less deaths on the road, there will be less tension on the highways. Driverless cars are here.

We should all thank Google and California Governor Jerry Brown.

Unless you're an undocumented immigrant living in California, helping to maintain the world's ninth largest economy by doing the work no one else will do. In your case, no, you'll never have a chance to own one of these newbies and no, most of you still can't get a drivers license for one of the soon-to-be-obsolete cars either.

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About the artist:

Lalo Alcaraz is perhaps the most prolific Chicano artist in the nation, according to his own bio. Lalo has been busy for over two decades chronicling the political ascendancy of Latinos in America and vigorously pushing the boundaries of Chicano art in the Post Chicano Art Era.

An award-winning journalist and illustrator, Lalo is also an author, faculty member at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, and radio host. He is also the creator of the first nationally-syndicated, politically-themed Latino daily comic strip, “La Cucaracha.”

Lalo’s most recent project is a re-boot of the famed, his pioneering humor, satire and cerveza webzine/blog/news site.

The Political Satire Comedy Of Lalo Alcaraz