09/28/2012 10:46 am ET

Hey Cynics And Haters: Shut Up, The Mitt Romney Sand Photo Is Adorable

I don’t know whether you’re aware, but guys these days can really disappoint (young ladies are guilty of this as well, I’m definitely not exempt). They are taking forever to advance, refuse to settle down or remain faithful, and can make many of us think we must accept some level of disrespect or infidelity if we ever want to get married. So when I saw the 1968 photo of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney beside the words “I LOVE YOU, ANN” written in a heart in the sand, I lamented that this sort of thing doesn’t happen much anymore. Sure the picture is kind of cheesy and florid, but it’s very cute, and anyone who wants to trash it needs a lesson in romance (or should watch “The Notebook” again. Kidding…kind of).

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