09/28/2012 07:33 am ET Updated Sep 28, 2012

'Louie' Finale: Parker Posey And Amy Poehler Help Louie Ring In The New Year (VIDEO)

After being tempted and teased with genuine mainstream success, it was back to the grind for "Louie." The season finale saw him wallowing in misery throughout the holidays. At least there was a glimmer of success with the presents he got -- and spent half the night fixing -- for his daughters. But even that couldn't break his malaise.

After his ex-wife took the kids, Louie seemed to spend the next week or so lying around and doing nothing. His sister, played by Amy Poehler, tried to convince him to spend the New Year's holiday with her, but he blew her off. After a nightmare in which his daughters grew up and lamented how alone and miserable he was, he changed his mind.

But on the way, he ran into Liz (Parker Posey). Rather than reconnect, though, she promptly collapsed and then died just before the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. So Louie rung in the new year at the hospital, and then finally headed for the airport.

But he didn't go to meet his sister. Instead, inspired by the tranquil Yangtze River in a story he read his daughter, he booked a flight to China. His quest to find the river proved challenging, but he wound up sharing a meal of sorts with a family who didn't seem to mind the language barrier.

A little weird, perhaps, but this is "Louie," after all. FX likes what he's doing and has already picked the series up for a fourth season.

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