09/28/2012 02:07 pm ET

Mia Love Racist Attacks: Were They Racially Or Politically Motivated? (TELL US)

Recently, Republican mayor of Utah and GOP congressional candidate, Mia Love, received an especially hateful care package filled with some disturbing imagery. The envelope included images showing Love, her husband and a hooded Ku Klux Klan member and aborted fetuses.

Love has come forward saying that she believes that she's become a target because of her opposition to the Obama administration and claims those kinds of attacks are being used to divert her from the issues of the congressional race.

We want to know what you think. Sadly, Black political figures are no strangers to these kind of attacks. We've rounded up a few recent examples below. Do you agree with Mia Love? Are the racist attacks she's receiving really not racially motivated, but a means of political sabotage? Is she right to write this off as not about race? Is she a target because she's Republican or is she a target because she is Black?

Let us know in the comments what you think.



Racist Political Attacks