09/28/2012 07:29 am ET Updated Sep 28, 2012

'Scandal' Premiere: Who Is Quinn Perkins Really, And How Did She Get Her New Identity? (VIDEO)

"Scandal" kicked off its second season with a major revelation. The big question throughout Season 1 was just who was Quinn Perkins and why did Oliva Pope bring her onto the team. The season premiere answered the question by putting Quinn on trial for murder. More specifically, by putting Lindsay Dwyer -- her real name -- on trial for murder.

Quinn-Lindsay's story is that she was accused of blowing up her boyfriend's office, killing seven people. She maintained her innocence, but believing she was being set up, she fled authorities. Then, in a motel, she was drugged and transported to a hotel in Washington, DC. There she awoke to find all the papers she needed to assume the identity of Quinn Perkins.

It was a far-fetched story that no one was buying. She was losing the case, and the jury was certain to convict her, when the judge abruptly dismissed it due to lack of hard evidence. Clearly Olivia had something to do with it, but why does Quinn matter?

In a flashback, it was revealed that it was Huck and Olivia who worked together to give Quinn this new identity -- it seems pretty clear the rest of their associates don't know this. So the new question for this season is, "Why?"

Find out -- maybe -- as "Scandal" continues on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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