09/28/2012 01:44 pm ET Updated Sep 28, 2012

Stingray Feeding: Woman Feeds Wild Fish With Bare Hands (VIDEO)

It may sound dangerous to try as stingrays will occasionally bite, but this woman isn't even nervous as she holds her hand out to a wild stingray's mouth over and over again.

And the stingray keeps coming back for more fish. You can just feel Indy the dog getting jealous as he runs up to try and sniff the stingray. He probably didn't get that many snacks in a row.

Though stingray tours have become a more common vacation experience, there isn't a clear verdict on whether they are completely safe. Australian naturalist Steve Irwin, known as the 'crocodile hunter,' was killed by a stingray while taping an underwater documentary.

Yet, many experts claim that stingrays are gentle creatures that only attack out of self-defense. But, they don't like being stepped on, literally, and will bite ankles and lower legs when people accidentally step on them while underwater.

Would you be up for trying to hand-feed wild stingrays or more daringly have a go at feeding wild cougars?

Maybe a stingray photobomb is more your idea of a fun vacation takeaway.



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