10/01/2012 11:42 am ET

'8-Bit Gangnam Style': A Retro Makeover For The Korean Pop Craze

Like its viral predecessor "Call Me Maybe," we've seen Psy's runaway YouTube hit "Gangnam Style" take on many forms, from acoustic covers to campus flash mobs. Having inspired even a Skyrim-themed video, we'd say that 'Gangnam' craze has officially hit its peak.

The latest Psy-inspired video we're obsessing over gives the rap song a retro video game twist with 8-bit animation. But it's not just awesome graphics -- the entire song has been bleep and bloop-ified enough to sound like a Pac-Man theme song. The video, uploaded to YouTube last week by Daneboe, has brought in over 660,000 views. Watch the video above to experience Psy's epic dance moves in pixelated form.

For more awesome takes on the Korean pop craze, check out Cody Simpson's hilarious cover with sister Alli Simpson, and watch Britney Spears get a lesson in the "invisible horse dance" from the rapper himself on "Ellen."

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