10/01/2012 10:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cornell, Ohio And Wisconsin Universities Do It 'Gangnam Style' (VIDEOS)

At this point, it is safe to say that "Gangnam Style" is the new "Call Me Maybe." Psy's chart-topping song has been parodied by ponies, babies and lifeguards.

Now colleges are getting in on the action, with Cornell, Ohio and Wisconsin Universities all doing it "Gangnam Style."

On Sept. 14, Cornell University students were walking to and from class when a flash mob broke out into "Gangnam Style" in the middle of Ho Plaza, according to The Cornell Daily Sun. The flash mob, organized by the BreakFree Hip-Hop Crew, featured more than 100 people doing the pony-dance.

“One thing from our experience is that you can’t have something that’s too difficult,” Alan Liang ’13, vice president of creative design for BreakFree, told The Cornell Daily Sun. “Otherwise no one will want to do it.” Liang thought that "Gangnam Style" was the perfect choice for their annual flash mob.

The Ohio University Marching Band, Marching 110, performed "Gangnam Style" during a football game at Penden Stadium on Sept. 22.

Wisconsin University students decided to parody "Gangnam Style" and make it "Badger Style," reported Rant Sports. They even peppered their parody with the "Jump Around" dance, a move Badger fans do at football games.

The Wisconsin Badgers made it official with a "Badger Style" T-shirt and an available MP3 download.

Psy's song recently surpassed Carly Rae Jepsen's, surpassing her 227 million hits to reach a record-breaking 337 million hits (and counting).



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