10/01/2012 06:33 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

General Marquis De Lafayette Dinner: Wine, Cheese Mousse, History At Gadsby's Tavern

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Major General Gilbert Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, who left France in 1777 to join the American Revolution, visited Alexandria on Oct. 16, 1824. 188 years later, enjoy a wine dinner in his honor.

On Oct. 19, Gadsby's Tavern -- usually known as George Washington's former haunt -- will be honoring Washington's good friend. The dinner includes roasted duck breast in an orange glaze, with corn pudding and red cabbage, accompanied by a wine from Chrysalis Vineyards. You'll also eat cheese mousse served with French sparkling extra dry wine. Vegetarian meals are optional.

Tickets are $100; buy them here. Unscientific point of comparison: at least one website claims that $100 in 1824 would be worth $1959.02 in contemporary times. And food prices from the 19th century sure do look inexpensive.

Another fun fact: Lafayette gave then-President John Quincy Adams an alligator in 1826. The alligator was, apparently, kept in a White House bathtub.

Marquie de Lafayette