10/01/2012 02:19 pm ET

James Graham Accused Of Biting Ear Of Billy Slater During Canterbury Bulldogs Rugby Match (VIDEO)

It's no secret that Rugby is considered one of the most physical sports to play. But James Graham of the Canterbury Bulldogs reportedly took the run-of-the-mill brutality of the sport to another level on Sunday when he channeled his inner Mike Tyson during a melee against the Melbourne Storm.

According to Brad Walter of The Sydney Morning Herald, a scuffle ensued after Canterbury's Krisnan Inu got upset with Billy Slater for running into his teammate in the 26th minute. The pushing and shoving spilled over to the sideline, where cameras caught Graham appearing to take a bite out of Slater.

The Herald Sun posted an image of Slater, who made an official complaint to the referee, with what appears to be a bite mark on his ear.

Following Melbourne's victory, Graham was referred to the National Rugby League judiciary on a dangerous conduct charge and is expected to plead guilty.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes that he could receive on of the longest bans in NLR history. Stuart Honeysett of The Australian speculates that he will be handed a 12-game ban.

If he only sits for a dozen games then Graham should consider himself lucky that Roger Goodell isn't running the sow down under.

More from the Associated Press:

SYDNEY (AP) — Rugby is rough, all right. Maybe even rabid.

James Graham is accused of biting an opponent's ear in the grand final between his Canterbury Bulldogs and the Melbourne Storm. He will go before the National Rugby League judiciary on a dangerous conduct charge.

Graham is accused of chomping on the ear of Melbourne's Billy Slater during a brawl in the 25th minute of the match that Melbourne won 14-4.

Slater had complained during the match to referee Tony Archer but no action was taken. The last two players suspended for biting were both banned for 12 weeks.



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