10/01/2012 07:12 am ET

'Married To Jonas': Stressed By Their Families, Dani And Kevin Fight (VIDEO)

After spending all day with her family, Dani wasn't interested in hearing about Kevin's time with his. So the stage was set for the couple's first fight caught on film for "Married to Jonas." Kevin had been working in the studio with his brothers, and wanted to talk to Dani about the experience.

Dani's stress levels were already maxed out after arguing with her family over her little sister's graduation party, so she was in no mood to deal with even more family drama.

"You don’t have to say anything! Just listen to what I’m saying," Kevin tried, but it was no use. Dani went upstairs and into the bedroom, closing the door between them.

When he asked her what this would solve, Dani's response was, "My sanity."

After a few minutes, though, she came out and they reconciled. Kevin is stressing about the album, because it's really important to him, while Dani is fighting with her older sister over control of this party. At least they have one another to work through their stress, even if it occasionally leads to minor skirmishes like this.

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