10/01/2012 10:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney, In AFL-CIO Mailer, Attacked For '47 Percent' Comments

The largest union in the country is out with a slew of new mailers hammering Republican Senate candidates as bad for labor and going after Mitt Romney for, among other things, his infamous "47 percent" comment.

The AFL-CIO is releasing hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and Massachusetts. The union has invested heavily in this type of campaigning, both because it faces a cash deficit compared to super PACs and because officials have seen good feedback from it.

The most provocative piece will appear in Ohio and Wisconsin and highlights the comments Romney made at a private fundraiser back in May, when he said nearly half the country see themselves as victims.


The mailer has some other notably clipped quotes from Romney's past, ones with which the campaign will surely quibble. Still, what stands out is how synchronized the AFL-CIO's messaging is with that coming from other Democratic sources. Just last week, the Obama campaign put out its own television ad featuring audio of those Romney comments with images of veterans, nurses, workers and the like.


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