10/01/2012 03:17 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

Surf City Surf Dog: Surfing Dogs Hit The Waves In Huntington Beach (PHOTOS)

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Is surfing easier with four legs? These "surFURS" certainly make it look that way.

Over the weekend, 46 athletic dogs took to the waves in Huntington Beach to compete in the fourth annual Surf City Surf Dog event.

The hang-10 pups got two points for lying on the board, three for sitting and five for standing on all fours, Surf City explains. All dogs were required to wear a life vest, and dogs leashed to the board lost a point.

As if just staying on the board isn't impressive enough, extra points were awarded to dogs who went above and beyond with a stunt like a 180-degree, 360-degree spin or riding backwards, the Daily Mail reports.

Dogs and their owners tried to set a world record of having 20 dogs surfing together for five seconds, the Orange County Register reports. However, with strong three to four-foot waves, the attempt was unsuccessful.

Still, the surfing dogs made a splash, impressing hundreds of spectators.
Check out photos of the dogs on their boards:
Photos courtesy of Surf City Surf Dog.

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