10/01/2012 08:27 am ET

'Taboo': Transgender Woman Has No Intention Of Removing Her Male Sex Organ (VIDEO)

"Taboo" took a look at various transgender stories, including one that's different from the usual cases. While most transgender individuals are seeking to fully change from one gender to the other, Chris Tina' goal wasn't that at all. She identifies as female on legal documents, has had breast implants and wears make-up, but she has no intention of changing her genitals from male to female.

"I like my male part down there," she explained. "I still date girls, so it makes sense to keep it."

She also identifies as a father, along with being a bodybuilder, business owner, pilot and race car driver. She doesn't feel her sexual orientation defines her; rather it is just a label.

Chris has two children and was married. It wasn't until he was divorced and 39-years old that he came out to his family and started the process of becoming the "hybrid" gender she self-identifies as now.

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