10/01/2012 07:36 am ET

'The Mentalist' Premiere: Best Possible Lead To Red John Lost, Or Taken? (VIDEO)

The season premiere of "The Mentalist" didn't identify who Red John is -- it wasn't going to be that easy -- and, in fact, it made it even more difficult for Patrick Jane to find out. With one of Red John's accomplices in custody, Jane was confident he could get Lorelei Martins to give him information. As he tried to tell Lisbon, he was using his personal relationship to gain her trust.

But that personal relationship may have been what ultimately cost CBI custody of Martins to the FBI. After the botched operation in the season finale, the two organizations found themselves coming literally to blows and reluctantly working together in the same episode. But does Red John have an agent in the FBI?

That could be one theory as to what happened at the end of the episode. After regaining custody of Martins from the FBI, Jane and Lisbon went to pick her up. Only, a different woman was brought out as Lorelei Martins. What happened?

TV Fanatic speculated, "Is she dead? Is she alive and back in the clutches of Red John? Has a rogue FBI team secured her away for their own investigation?” EW used the opportunity to consider who Red John could be, exploring the possibilities of it being Martins herself, perhaps Jane's partner, or even Jane himself. But probably, they theorized, it's someone else entirely.

When will viewers find out who Red John is? Tune in to "The Mentalist," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS to find out.

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