10/01/2012 02:03 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

Typhoon Jelawat Flips Car At U.S. Marine Base In Okinawa (VIDEO)

Typhoon Jelawat hit Japan over the weekend, injuring 145 people, causing blackouts, paralyzing transportation and leading city governments to call for the evacuation of about 60,000 people in the country's south and west regions.

On Sept. 29, Joseph M. Nolan captured video of the storm from the balcony of a parking lot at Camp Kinser, a U.S. Marine base on the southern island of Okinawa. The footage is a testament to the storm's ferocious strength. Winds from Typhoon Jelawat lift a car up and blow it across the pavement to a hedge. When the vehicle hits the hedge, it flips over and tumbles sideways across a lawn.

So far, only one fatality associated with the typhoon has been reported: a man who was swept away by seawater while fishing in Okinawa, Kyodo news agency reported. Jelawat is the second super storm to hammer the region in two weeks, the BBC reports.

Japan's Meteorological Agency had warned Tokyo residents to stay indoors while Typhoon Jelawat passed Sunday night. The storm had winds of up to 126 kilometers (78 miles) an hour but weakened to a tropical storm with 108 kph (67 mph) in the morning, according to the AP.

More Typhoon Jelawat video from RT (strong language follows):