10/02/2012 08:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ralph Godbee Sex Scandal: Detroit Chief Of Police May Have Had Affair With Officer Angelica Robinson (VIDEO)

With staff cuts and an enormous crime problem, the Detroit Police Department had plenty on its plate before it was left without a chief. Now, top cop Ralph Godbee has been placed on 30 days' leave after reports of a sex scandal surfaced on Tuesday.

The Detroit police chief was temporarily suspended Tuesday by Mayor Dave Bing after allegations surfaced that he had been seeing an officer in the police department, Angelica Robinson.

Robinson, who is married, said she had been seeing Godbee for months and became upset when she found out that Godbee had allegedly attended this weekend's International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in San Diego with another woman by his side.

Robinson says that she knows a different side to Detroit's chief of police, a father who is also a minister. "That is not the Pastor Godbee that he portrays to be... He is a sex addict. He loves to have sex with all different women," she told Fox 2.

According to Fox 2, she began tweeting Detroit's head cop messages -- and even posted a disturbing photo of herself pointing a DPD-issued 9 millimeter Glock in her mouth. See the image below, and watch an interview with Robinson in the video above.

Officer Robinson is currently undergoing a mental evaluation and has had her weapon confiscated by the DPD, reports WXYZ.

Fox 2 says Chief Godbee then instructed staff members with the department to check on Officer Robinson at her home in the nearby suburb of Farmington while he was out of town. And the TV station says the cops triangulated her phone in order to find her, and didn't notify the town's own police force about their movements.

Godbee was previously involved in a scandal that hit just as he took his post in 2010. He became chief when his predecessor Warren Evans was fired by Bing after an embarrassing reality TV show video of him surfaced and complaints arose about Evans' relationship with Officer Monique Patterson. But it was then revealed that Godbee, too, had an affair with Patterson, with text messages showing that he may have intended to help Patterson rise in the ranks.

"One woman does not satisfy him," Robinson told Fox 2. "As you can see, there's plenty more out here that Pastor Godbee preys upon with his spiritual talk."

According to WXYZ, Godbee and his wife are in the process of getting divorced and have not lived together in some time.

Bing said Tuesday that the department's Assistant Chief, Chester Logan, will handle Godbee's duties while an investigation is conducted.

The photo Angelica Robinson tweeted:
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