10/02/2012 11:12 am ET

Boston University Wants PSY To Donate To His Alma Mater

Ahh college fundraising calls. We have all gotten them (and maybe we have even made them) but most of us do not have as much to offer our alma maters as Korean rapper Psy, singer of the smash-hit song "Gangnam Style." And now Boston University, a place where Psy briefly went to school is trying to get Psy to donate to their $1 billion dollar capital campaign.

Psy attended BU in 1996 for an English language summer course and briefly continued there for one semester. He later attended Boston based Berklee School of Music for an additional year-and-a-half. Berklee, for their part has no plans to reach out to Psy for money.

Psy has been taking the college world by storm. Cornell, Ohio and Duke have all produced their own gangnam style videos.