10/02/2012 11:01 am ET

CNN's Brooke Baldwin To NARTH's David Pickup: 'You Don't Ask Us Questions' (VIDEO)

CNN's Brooke Baldwin got into a testy exchange with David Pickup, an advocate of gay conversion therapy, on Tuesday.

California governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will ban therapies aimed at changing sexual orientation for minors. Baldwin hosted Pickup, a spokesman for the National Association For Research and Therapy For Homosexuality, to weigh in on the legislation.

Baldwin challenged him on his work and cited the American Psychiatric Association, which has said that such therapies can lead to depression and suicide. Pickup objected, and hammered the ban, which he said would prevent his work of helping children who walk into his office "crying, depressed, lonely, gender identity confused and sexually confused."

"Sir, maybe they're upset about it because their parents have rejected them," Elizabeth Cohen, CNN senior medical correspondent, shot back.

"That's not what they're telling me," Pickup interjected.

Later, the exchange got more testy when Baldwin wanted to move onto another question. "Wait a minute," Pickup said. "Wait a minute. We don't let parents -- "

"No, no, no, no," Baldwin said. "Sir, with all due respect, this is my show. You're a guest on my show. My question to you finally is simply that this is regarding minors, this isn't adults." She asked whether NARTH planned to challenge the ban.

"Yes, we are, but you just evaded the question here," Pickup said.

"You don't ask us questions. With all due respect --"

"Are you going to let me talk?"

"Would you answer my question?"



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