10/02/2012 07:42 am ET

'Hawaii Five-0': Chin Ho Says Goodbye To Malia In Traditional Hawaiian Paddle Out (VIDEO)

"Hawaii Five-0" opened its second episode of the season with a scene to help Chin Ho begin the process of healing after the tragic death of Malia. He and the team, along with several other people, participated in a traditional Hawaiian paddle out funeral ceremony.

With his friends encircling him on their surfboards, Chin Ho gave Malia's ashes to the sea, as well as the lei he'd given her at their wedding. The scene served as a bookend, paired with a closing scene of Chin Ho commemorating her again on the shore.

The rest of the episode saw guest star Ed Asner giving the gang the run-around, before they finally realized he was complicit in both an art theft and kidnapping. Despite him stepping in front of a truck -- rather than face jail time -- they managed to secure both the art and the kidnapped girl.

And, as these CBS procedurals do, the closing minute revealed that McGarrrett's mother had never left Oahu. Perhaps he can get the answer as to why she spared Wo Fat sooner than he'd anticipated.

Find out as "Hawaii Five-0" continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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