10/02/2012 03:58 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2012

Jimmy Hoffa Remains Not Found Under Roseville Driveway, Mystery Lives On

Jimmy Hoffa's remains were not found under a Roseville, Michigan driveway, despite the word of a tipster, the efforts of police and the excitement of mystery lovers everywhere.

The Detroit Free Press reports soil samples taken Friday and analyzed by Michigan State University forensic anthropologists did not show any evidence of human decomposition.

The former Teamsters boss, a friend and possible foe of mobsters, disappeared from the parking lot of a suburban Detroit restaurant in 1975 and was declared dead in 1982. Since his death, rumors have continued to crop up, resulting in several fruitless digs for his body at a home, a backyard swimming pool and horse farm near the city. In the most recent incident, a man gave a deathbed tip to police that he believed he saw a body being buried beneath a driveway at the Roseville location.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin was skeptical about the possibility of digging up any clues, because of a timeline that didn't match what they knew of Hoffa's disappearance. Current homeowner Patricia Szupunar, who has lived there since 1988, was also disbelieving, despite the crowd that came to her street.

"To think that for 24 years, we may have been walking or driving over a dead body ... Can you even imagine?" Szupunar told the Associated Press. "I'm looking forward to everybody going home."

Jimmy Hoffa Mystery And Disappearance Rumors