10/02/2012 02:52 pm ET

DNC Unveils Anti-Mitt Romney Site Ahead Of Presidential Debate

The Democratic National Committee unveiled a new website Tuesday attacking Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan over their policy positions ahead of the first presidential debate this week. The site, www.romneyryanrevealed.com, features the candidates' positions in nine policy areas.

"As Mitt Romney prepares for tomorrow’s debate, we shouldn’t expect him to get into too many details. In fact, news reports about Romney’s extensive debate preparations say he has even been practicing ‘zingers,’ instead of focusing on the details of his proposals," DNC spokeswoman Melanie Roussell said in a statement.

"While Mitt Romney focuses on his ‘zingers’, we at the DNC have taken the liberty of laying out the specifics for him at www.RomneyRyanRevealed.com, a comprehensive website designed to hold Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan accountable for their true records and their plans – like providing a $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy on the backs of the middle class, and supporting bills that would put women’s health in the hands of their employers."


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