10/02/2012 05:48 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

Obamas' Anniversary: Michelle Obama Shares Her Version Of 'First Kiss' On Steve Harvey Show (VIDEO)

POTUS is poised to take on an array of issues in his first presidential debate against opponent Mitt Romney Wednesday night, but there's one topic that won't be brought into question -- his first kiss with First Lady, Michelle.

In an interview with talk show host Steve Harvey, FLOTUS set the record straight on how the kiss went down, concurring with her husband and the account he gave last week on "The View."

"I remember it clearly ... We were talking, eating and laughing and he leaned over and asked me if he could he kiss me … and I said 'Yes!'" Obama explained, detailing how the kiss transpired following a trip to Baskin Robins where she says her husband used to work.

Michelle's appearance on the show marks her 20th wedding anniversary, a milestone that she said she'd love to commemorate by retracing her honeymoon through California with Barack.

She'll have to settle for a night in Denver, however, though the couple's courting memories live on.

Their first kiss has not only been the subject of much fodder on the campaign and talk show trail, but also of a plaque at the Hyde Park shopping center where it took place.

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