10/02/2012 05:23 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2012

Robert Hoffman, Kate Gosselin Tell-All Book Author: 'More Explosive' Information Could Be Made Public

It appears a tell-all book about Kate Gosselin may have told a little too much.

The e-book, penned by Robert Hoffman, a friend of Kate's estranged husband, Jon Gosselin, was pulled from Amazon just two days after its release following charges of inappropriately obtained confidential documents.

A friend of Gosselin's, who had not read the book, told HuffPost "The book sounds like a whole lot of nothing blown up to look sensational."

Sensational, indeed. Bits of the work, titled "Kate Gosslin: How She Fooled The World," contained statements of alleged child abuse, reports Hollywood Life.

Just because the book has disappeared from shelves, however, doesn't mean the damage has been contained.

RadarOnline reports Hoffman allegedly has "more explosive" material he doesn't intend to publish but could potentially make public:

“The other 90 percent of the material that I possess will not be published, ever, but you can be sure that if I'm falsely accused of anything and drug [sic] into court, or called a liar by Kate Gosselin or her lawyers, this information will come out then, including photographs,” Hoffman allegedly wrote to Radar.



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