10/02/2012 08:08 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

Rome Tourists Face Fines For Snacking

Visitors to Rome may want to carefully consider where they opt to break for a snack. A new law adopted by the city council forbids eating around around many of the monuments in Rome's historic city center, reports The Telegraph.

The penalty for violating the order ranges from €25 to €500 (about $32 to $645.)

"This is a way to re-educate people about how to behave in this city. We've let standards fall," Viviana Di Capua, member of an association of historic district residents, told the paper.

Perhaps Roman authorities are more concerned about their monuments lately as it's been discovered that the Colosseum is leaning and the Trevi Fountain is crumbling.

Just last month Rome dealt a blow to romantics visiting (or living in) the city when it removed and banned love locks from being attached to Ponte Milvio. In 2007 a &Euro;50 fine had been enacted against those found attaching locks to the bridge.

To the north, Venetians has taken similar precautions against damage to their city. In 2011, a tourist tax was enacted to help save the city from sinking. Also that year, the city looked to crack down on its own love locks tradition.



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