10/04/2012 08:54 am ET

Super Rich More Likely To Live In Blue States: Wealth-X

The states with the most multimillionaires have strong political preferences.

Blue states, or states that tend to vote for Democrats, are more likely to have the most residents worth at least $30 million, according to Wealth-X, a company that helps private wealth firms, luxury brands, and not-for-profit organizations find potential clients.

Even without the two blue states that boast the highest population of ultra-wealthy -- California and New York -- states that traditionally vote Republican just don’t stack up when it comes to the amount of people who've got the big bucks. Not including those states, blue states have around 26,000 individuals worth over $30 million, while red states count only about 15,000, Wealth-X finds.

The findings may be surprising given the two parties' positions. In this election, the Democrats have come to stand for wider government with more services that help the poor, while emphasizing tax hikes on the richest Americans to afford those programs. Republicans, by contrast, have advocated for spending cuts over tax hikes, including rolling back programs that generally benefit poorer Americans.

But other indicators fall more neatly into party lines. For instance, 52 percent of voters earning more than $180,000 support Romney, versus 43 percent for Obama, according to a recent poll by Gallup. By the same token, Obama has greater support among Americans making less than $36,000 compared to Romney.

(Hat tip: CNBC)

Check which of the states with the highest number ultra-wealthy are red and which are blue below:

Political Leanings Of States With The Most Ultra-Wealthy