10/02/2012 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Twitter Necklace: The 'Data Necklace' Visualizes Your Tweets As Jewelry

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Now for sale on crowd-funding site Indiegogo: The "data necklace," a visual representation of your Twitter account in the form of a necklace, which you can wear around your neck as a reminder of your year in tweets. The necklace has 12 long pairs of "beads," each pair representing a month's use of your Twitter account. In order to generate the necklace, you input your Twitter handle and a certain word that you want to see visualized: The more times you used that word in a given month, the longer the beads representing that month will be.

(The project's founder, British software developer and self-described "hacker" Stef Lewandowski, suggests the words "love" or "awesome," so that you can see how much love you felt throughout the year, or how awesome each month was).

A representative tweet, with your chosen word, will also be etched into a bead for each month.

data necklace 2

The data necklace, modeled.

Here's how Lewandowski pitches the data necklace on his website:

Data. It's all around us. Much of what we do on a daily basis leaves digital records of our activity behind us.

It turns out that there are tiny, hidden stories in the data that we create just by being ourselves, and we can turn those stories into beautiful things.

The Data Necklace is a wearable visualisation of a person's Twitter feed over time, that can serve as a permanent reminder of how often they use a particular word.

And here's Lewandowski detailing the data necklace at length on video; it includes the cute story of the first data necklace, which represents the number of times his wife used the word "love" on her Twitter account (aww!):

The Data Necklace from aeioux on Vimeo.

Physical representations of one's Twitter account are nothing new, of course -- a veritable slew of Twitter-fied pillows, coffee mugs, and knickknacks are for sale on Etsy, and who can forget the profanely-named toilet paper roll that printed out the entirety of one's Twitter account? Lewandowski's data necklace is more beautiful than most, however, and can also boast an intriguing look into one's year (if you wear your heart on your Twitter sleeve, that is).

The Data Necklace is, alas, a bit pricey at $500 a pop; but hey, handmade is handmade. You can pre-order your own, or just support the project, on Indiegogo right here.

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