10/02/2012 03:34 pm ET

Will.i.am: 'Show Them That You Ain't A Punk' And Vote In 2012 Election

Will.i.am is telling people to "come as individual and come collectively" to the polls this November.

"Show them that you ain't a punk," will.i.am says in a new video for Our Time.

"I am somebody, and you are somebody, too," will.i.am says. "You have the whole world telling you that you're not somebody, that your voice is not important."

"I say, prove them wrong," he continues.

Will.i.am's message is part of a celebrity-backed campaign that stresses the importance of voting this November. Other celebrities who have urged people to get involved this election include Usher, Larry David and Renee Zellweger.

The OurTime video isn't will.i.am's first contribution to the political discussion. In 2008, he made a music video in support of Barack Obama, and he recently criticized the GOP for "being "corrupt."

"It isn’t Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s Americans vs. manipulators and corrupt business practices," will.i.am told the Daily Beast.

Watch the will.i.am Our Time video above.



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