10/03/2012 03:59 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

'Abby & Brittany' Finale: Conjoined Twins Get Teaching Job (VIDEO)

After gaining an extension on their season, the initial run of "Abby & Brittany" came to an end with the young ladies taking their first steps into the teaching profession. The season opened with them graduating from college, so it seems appropriate to wrap with them beginning their adult lives.

While they haven't yet found a permanent teaching position, they did pick up a job as part-time fourth and fifth grade math specialists.

The twins were excited about their new job, and the principal seemed enthusiastic about the new additions to the staff as well, saying, "I don’t think there’s anything that they won’t try or ... they couldn’t be able to do if they really wanted to. And to bring that to children, especially, kids who might be struggling, that’s very special."

With a new house and a new job, the Hensel sisters are on their way. But will viewers continue with them on their journey? No decision has been made yet about another season of "Abby & Brittany" on TLC.

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