10/03/2012 04:41 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries To Rehab His Reputation, But Is It Too Late?

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the middle of a goodwill tour on behalf of his reputation, and it's not going so well. Reactions to his memoir Total Recall, his numerous tell-all interviews and the announcement of his eponymous think tank range from disgust to disbelief, and that's putting it mildly.

In his book, Schwarzenegger claims that "secrecy is a part of me." Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times snarks, "Secrecy would be a part of me, too, if I'd slept with the maid and my love child was running around the house under my wife's nose."

His initiative to create a post-partisan think tank at USC seems to have sullied the university itself in the eyes of the Sacramento Bee's Dan Morain. "He has used his wealth to persuade the University of Southern California, an otherwise fine university, to establish the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy, an oxymoron," writes Morain.

As for his prediction that he and Maria Shriver will eventually reconcile, HuffPost's Ann Brenoff writes, "If ever there was a guy who deserved to be taken to the cleaners, it's this one."

Schwarzenegger is definitely back in the public eye, but the stench around his affair and secret love child doesn't seem to have lifted. Will he have the same comeback power as a certain former president, or is he doomed to forever remembered as a failed husband and father?

Here's what HuffPost readers have to say about Schwarzenegger's attempts to rehabilitate his reputation. Check out the debate below to see what both sides had to say, then let us know who you agree with in the comments.



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